Olivia Davis

Olivia Davis is a writer from Chicago, Illinois. She holds a degree in writing from Columbia University. As a child, her father owned a small jewelry boutique on the South Side of Chicago. Her passion for jewelry stems from helping her father run the boutique. Every summer break Olivia would go to work with her father. Her mother passed away before Olivia went to college. She credits her mother for making her a strong woman. She was a mother of six and volunteered at the local women's rights organization. Her mother taught her about equality and perseverance. Olivia became very passionate about women's rights because of her mother's teachings.She wanted to find an outlet to express how powerful woman truly are. In college she also developed a passion for writing. Once she earned her degree in writing she decided she would combine all of her passions.She decided to start a blog about life, love and everything jewelry. Now she posts weekly blogs on fashion jewelry website sevenmilesaway.com in her segment called life, love, and jewelry. Olivia decided that Seven Miles Away was the perfect fit for her. Olivia says, "Not only can you find great pieces of jewelry at a low cost, but also it is a website dedicated to empowering women and promoting self-love. This is the outlet I have been looking for where not only can I share my knowledge of jewelry but also promote a positive message to women around the world."



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